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  • Pelee Island's well water safe

    PELEE ISLAND, Ontario, Canada ? A water alert warning Pelee Island residents not to drink water from shoreline wells was downgraded today to an advisory.

  • Fisherman rescued near Pelee Island

    Law Enforcement Fisherman rescued near Pelee Island Man had been on Lake Erie for nearly two days Alex Green Oak Harbor Sep 12, 2014 A dehydrated and hungry boater who had been missing since Wednesday morning was located shortly after midnight Friday in the area of Pelee Island, U.S. Coast Guard officials said. Authorities received a call Thursday evening that the 63-year ...




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There are plenty of things to do here on Pelee Island. The weather is measured in Celsius and because it is located in Canada there are warm spells as well as cold. But not too cold because Pelee Island has some of the best wineries in Canada. There wine making is simply excellent. Located in Essex County, Pelee Island is known as a great vacation spot for Canadians but more and more people are finding out about it.



If you are planning a trip to Pelee Island, here are some things that you may be interested in doing. There is the Historical and Natural Parks, there are bird sanctuaries. There are Trails that are great for hiking. If you are a hunter then Pelee is a great place to do that. The main game on the island is pheasant. In fact most of the tourism comes from the hunters. There are local hotels and motels on the island that fill up fast during hunting season.